Caddy Program FAQs

Tipsy Golfer Caddy Program

Do you love our brand? Do you want to make money by promoting Tipsy Golfer while not having to spend a penny? The Tipsy Golfer Caddy Program allows anyone and everyone to become an affiliate of our brand.

What does it mean to be an affiliate of our company?

As a Tipsy Golfer Caddy you will promote our brand in-person, online and through social media. You will be given a unique URL for our shop and this will entitle you to a 5% commission on all purchases your golf mates make using your link. 

How do I promote Tipsy Golfer?

The best way to spread brand awareness and convert your marketing into sales is social media. We suggest posting pictures and videos of you and your friends showing off our products. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube are all great platforms for posting. 

When and how will I get paid?

Commissions will be paid quarterly (4 times per year). You can choose between Venmo or Paypal to be paid. If neither of these options work please reach out to us and we can try to resolve the issue. 

What happens if a customer tries to return a product they bought through my link?

We do not accept returns for a refund. Returns are for exchange in size only. Please read our return policy for more information. In the case that an item is sold through an affiliate link and the customer wants to exchange for a size but the size they need is out of stock, the affiliate will not get paid until the customer has their new size shirt. Commissions will be paid to the account in your Tipsy Golfer Caddy profile. You are responsible for keeping your profile up to date. Tipsy Golfer and its team members are not responsible for the accuracy of your profile or your bank account information. 

As an affiliate do I get any discounts for myself?

Yes, you do! You will receive a unique one time discount code for 10% off ALL Tipsy Golfer products. You will also be eligible to buy special Tipsy Golfer apparel packages and early access to new products. 

Are there any incentives for top performing affiliates?

We will be developing a special program for our top performing affiliates in the near future!

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